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We partner with academic or industrial groups who wish to further develop their fluid monitoring capabilities and understand their industrial processes further. If this opportunity sounds like a good fit for you or your clients, then please reach out!

We offer a flexible approach to our partners, providing a technology that can seamlessly integrate into current systems.

Our goal is to tackle challenges with innovative solutions using our technology – enabling greater value throughout your process to deliver excellency to the end customer.

Spotting the hidden millions

Increased competition, rising costs and market demand.

These are the challenges manufacturers and the processing industry face each day.
Making food & beverages safe is a primary objective for all processing plants, and Cleaning In Place (CIP) is an integral part to reaching that objective.
A significant number of solutions already in place may sufficiently clean any application, but things could be a lot better.
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Clean-In-Place (CIP)

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Metalworking fluids

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