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Diageo has significantly expanded its spirit flavour portfolio to access additional markets, this has created a need for more Clean-In-Place operations with more specific requirements.   4T2 Sensors have developed a system to reduce excess process wastewater at Diageo Global Supply, Leven, using adaptive CIP. Bringing the site prematurely to its 2030 sustainability goals (LINK). 

Increasing product portfolio decreases the OOE of bottling sites like Leven, moreover, each product category requires different CIP parameters to ensure a consistent level of cleanliness. Current CIP systems are limited by the currently available sensing technology, and state-of-the-art sensors are affected by entrained air creating unreliable control signals for CIP systems. To counter this F&B manufacturers rely on overspecified time-based systems which in turn wastes water and reduced Overall Operating Efficiency (OOE). By replacing current offline measurement tests 4T2 Sensors aim to significantly reduce excess water consumption allowing Diageo customers to consume their favourite products guilt-free. 

4T2 Sensors have developed a system which is scalable and replicable to all F&B manufacturers.  Do you want to optimise your CIP systems, or similarly if you believe that your process can be optimised using a technology that can determine concentrations, contaminations and mixtures? Then please contact us here or at and we can discuss how our solution can benefit you.

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