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What is CIPSense?

CIPSense is 4T2 Sensors’ next-generation offering for Clean-In-Place (CIP) optimisation.

Current CIP optimisation systems focus on outdated sensing technologies with limited resolution therefore their data cannot be used to optimise systems accurately. CIPSense is an upgrade using 4T2 Sensors’ next-generation sensing technology with a tenfold increase in resolution not available anywhere else, allowing increased process optimisation, saving water and increasing production time. 

CIPSense utilises a combination of sensors on either side of the equipment and compares the fluid on either side of the equipment giving a rich picture of the state of the equipment’s cleanliness, this allows for steps to be shortened reducing the time of CIP. Crucially this reduces water wastage and allows capacity constrained to increase production. 

An Industrial PLC combines the two sensors and runs proprietary algorithms: Bubble compensation and innovative temperature compensation. To understand more about how these algorithms work please download the white paper from the last blog post (LINK). This industrial PLC also communicates with the site’s Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to provide accurate control signals for CIP processes and determine resource savings. 4T2 Sensors’ remote monitoring allows for continued support and optimisation to ensure that CIPSense is a continually evolving solution for CIP optimisation. 

How does CIPSense provide value?

Our patented sensor technology enables the sensor to determine precisely what fluid is flowing through the pipe at any point, with no other product on the market able to achieve this. This technology enables active control and optimisation meaning our offer, CIPSense, significantly improves operational efficiency, reduces energy intensity & conserves water resources. Current CIP optimisation systems rely on old-generation instrumentation and simple time-based strategies, meaning they cannot capture the dynamic nature of CIP. As such any potential savings are magnitudes more minor than the dynamic CIPSense solution.

4T2 Sensors’ CIPSense offer is based upon the innovative technology displayed in the impedance sensor. This applies patented signal processing algorithms to improve the accuracy and resolution of the impedance measurements. This ultra-narrow band signal processing technology provides the accuracy of impractical and slow offline measurement techniques in real time.

To see a case study on how this technology can be applied to improve Food and Beverage manufacturing please download the white paper below.

How is CIPSense Implemented?

The CIPSense solution is implemented in two different phases: Diagnose and Optimisation. 

The Diagnose phase, in which the technology is implemented in a monitoring capacity and is charged as a flat fee. This phase for the initial bottling line lasts three months and encompasses a localisation component to ascertain the precise locations and quantity of sensors. By utilising the CIPSense technology and information regarding current CIP recipes, an ROI and potential savings report will be produced, ensuring a viable business case for both 4T2 Sensors and the customer.

 After the Diagnose phase, the optimisation phase commences, employing adaptive control as outlined in Figure 1. This phase operates under a monthly subscription model, with all costs funded through OPEX savings attributed to the time and resource efficiencies gained from an optimised CIP process. As part of this, the system will be covered by an extended warranty, with assets owned by 4T2 Sensors to prevent asset accumulation. Quarterly savings reports will provide detailed insights into the savings achieved through CIPSense.


Experience the transformative power of CIPSense for your Clean-In-Place (CIP) processes today. Unlock significant cost savings, enhanced efficiency, and precise control. Contact us now to schedule a demo and start optimising your CIP operations with CIPSense. Don’t miss out on this game-changing solution for your F&B manufacturing needs.

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