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Partner with us to increase the efficiency of your industrial processes

We partner with academic or industrial groups who wish to further develop their fluid monitoring capabilities and understand their industrial processes further. If this opportunity sounds like a good fit for you or your clients, then please reach out!

We offer a flexible approach to our partners, providing a technology that can seamlessly integrate into current systems.

Our goal is to tackle challenges with innovative solutions using our technology – enabling greater value throughout your process to deliver excellency to the end customer.

Spotting the hidden millions

Increased competition, rising costs and market demand.

These are the challenges manufacturers and the processing industry face each day.
Making food & beverages safe is a primary objective for all processing plants, and Cleaning In Place (CIP) is an integral part to reaching that objective.
A significant number of solutions already in place may sufficiently clean any application, but things could be a lot better.
Innovative products
Established team

The industries we are proud to serve

Clean-In-Place (CIP)

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Metalworking fluids

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Meet Our Team

Maxim Swinbourne


Max is a Mechanical & manufacturing engineer. His first job out of university was within R&D which took him to Japan where he lived for a number of years. He subsequently spent most of his career within Formula 1 and aerospace. Max’s role within 4T2 is CEO. After the initial realisation of the technology where his manufacturing skills were deployed he has spent the majority of his time in a more commercial & strategic role.

When not at work Max spends his time tinkering with motorcycles and pursuing his passions of archaeology and psychology.

Dr. Alexander Smith


Alex graduated from Brasenose College Oxford with a BA in Physics in 1996 and stayed there to complete his DPhil in Engineering Science. He specialised in digital signal processing and X-ray imaging but branched out into multiple disciplines within the software and electronic engineering.

He met Max Swinbourne whilst working in Japan many moons ago, and in 2016 joined forces with him to develop the technology behind 4T2 Sensors.

Previous work includes leadership of large teams and consortia in publicly and privately funded R&D projects, in sectors including aerospace, automotive and pharmaceuticals.

Away from his desk, he enjoys hiking, motorsport, travelling and fine food.

Alex Claxton

R&D Engineering

I graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2020 with a degree in MEng Chemical Engineering.

I have been working with 4T2 Sensors for the last three years. I am responsible for application engineering, sensor optimisation, and developing processes for sensor assembly and calibration.

I enjoy a large variety of work, from hands-on manufacturing to performing lab experiments and coding new algorithms for customer applications.

Alex is often seen manning the barbecue and practising his golf swing when the weather allows him.

Samuel Scutt


Sam graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2020 with a degree in MEng Chemical Engineering, having completed his master's research project on optimising 4T2 Sensors technology.

Sam immediately began working at 4T2 Sensors as an applications engineer but swiftly moved to a project managing role to help guide the customers from application development to pilot and then onto a commercial opportunity.

He particularly enjoys working in the food and beverage industry having spent much of his younger summers working in a local brewery.

Outside of work, Sam can often be seen at Edgbaston or any other sporting venue home or abroad, with a recent visit to Barbados following cricket being his highlight.

Yu Diao

Communications Engineer

Yu comes from China and completed his master degree in MSc Electronic and Computer Engineering in the University of Birmingham.

Yu joined the 4T2 Sensors after graduation in 2022. He focused on applying appropriate communication protocols, programming PLCs, and developing cloud servers and data portal websites.

Since moving to the UK, trying different British beers and cuisines has become one of his hobbies. He also enjoys watching films when he has time.