4T2 is a fluid sensor designer and manufacturer based in Birmingham, UK

Founded in 2018, we enable companies to have a greater understanding of their processes, in turn reducing waste and sustainably optimising in a way that was previously impossible.

We apply agile thinking and connect with strategic partners to target open innovation challenges

The world's first inline fluid impedance sensor

Resolution through sensors

Optimisation through data

Sustainability for the future


We measure conductivity and capacitance over a greater range and sensitivity to competitors. The sensor’s response time is in the order of seconds to meet requirements of real-time data.


The sensor measures the process fluid inline for unparalleled accuracy, without perturbing the process or product quality. There’s no need for extensive maintenance, thanks to the use of no moving parts or optics.


We develop a sensor system that provides a wealth of data, offering new insights to your process and an interpretable output through our data logging software.

Sustainability for the future


  • Promote best practices in our supply chain
  • Pride ourselves on a culture of inclusivity and diversity, promoting formal eduction through partnership with academic institutions
  • Attract and develop great people


  • Enable clients’ business processes to become more sustainable
  • Reduce resource intensity of fluid processing operations


  • Focus on waste & energy reduction
  • Enabling clients to meet decarbonisation efforts
  • Promote sustainable manufacturing

Reduce material and energy resources by connecting your processes. Future proof fluid processing operations today with our innovative technology.

Questions or comments? Contact us today and we can demonstrate how our sensor works.