4T2 is a fluid sensor designer and data analytics company based in Birmingham, UK

Founded in 2018, we enable companies to have a greater understanding of their processes, in turn reducing waste and sustainably optimising in a way that was previously impossible.

We apply agile thinking and connect with strategic partners to target open innovation challenges

The world's first inline fluid impedance sensor

Innovation through sensors

Optimisation through data

Sustainability for the future

Novel Sensing

4T2 Sensors have developed and patented sensing technology that can ‘electrically fingerprint’ fluids in real-time. Allowing concentration, contamination and mixtures to be identified. Industrial pilots have proven that 4T2 Sensors’ capacitance measurement can significantly improve the resolution and accuracy of the conductivity measurement, ten times higher than the current state-of-the-art instruments.

Actionable Insights

Using up-to-date digital technology, 4T2’s Impedance Sensor paints a rich, detailed picture of your process. Innovations in digital signal processing, thermometry, and scientific data analysis all combine to provide a conductivity measurement with unrivalled resolution. In turn, cloud connectivity enables complete transparency and access to the sensor data. Hence, 4T2’s Impedance Sensor provides a crystal-clear window into your pipework.

Connective Solutions

Whilst blind, you are limited to sampling your process at snapshots in time, it is impossible to truly understand your process, and attempts at improvement are stabs in the dark. 4T2’s Impedance Sensor allows you to continuously monitor your process. Which, combined with intelligent reporting tools and existing sampling techniques, drives understanding. This understanding shines a light on your process, enabling the discovery of process improvements.

Sustainability for the future


  • Promote best practices in our supply chain by supporting British businesses.
  • Pride ourselves on a culture of inclusivity and diversity, promoting formal education through partnership with academic institutions.
  • Attract and develop great people by offering and encouraging diversity of thought.


  • Enable clients’ business processes to become more sustainable by offering innovative solutions
  • Reduce resource intensity of fluid processing operations helping sites reach their potential


  • Focus on waste & energy reduction
  • Enabling clients to meet decarbonisation efforts
  • Promote sustainable manufacturing

Reduce material and energy resources by connecting your processes. Future proof fluid processing operations today with our innovative technology.

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